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About us

The restaurant “Felicia” is located in the very heart of the Old Town of Vilnius, on Aušros Vartų Street. The gastronomic traditions of this location stretches from the 19th century. Historical data shows that even 120 years ago in this place, where the restaurant is now located, there was a groceries store called FELICIE. With the help of old cookery books and thanks to the skills of our chef, it is possible to reveal the secrets if the old Vilnius cuisine anew.

The old culinary culture of Vilnius, as befits to a multi-historic city, distinguishes by an impressive variety of dishes. However, the wars of the 20th century, occupation and repression impoverished the ethnic palette of Vilnius and thus the former culinary culture. Therefore, today, when Vilnius again is a free and open city of a free European country, we must recover the losses suffered in the recent past and on the basis of historical heritage, continue to uphold the traditions established in centuries. Thus, we invite you to visit us in Vilnius Old Town restaurant “Felicia” and assess our efforts and exquisite cuisine.


Vilnius restaurant “Felicia” is located on Aušros Vartų Street, next to the Brazilian gate. You are welcome, and of course, enjoy your meal!